The books “Baba Nazar”, “Da”, and “Counterpoint Coup” written by Golali Babayi, with the price of 120,000 Rials, and “First Hand” with the price of 110,000 Rials are among the most expensive Holy Defense books published in Day. These books are all published by Soureh Mehr.
Soureh Mehr as the most expensive Holy Defence publisher
IBNA: According to Iran Book House announced statistics, that 82 title books have been published in the field of Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense in Day 88 (Jan 2010), with a 30 title books increase compared with the last month.
Among these, 25 books are about the revolution, 57 books on Holy Defense, 36 books reprinted, and 46 books as first print.
The books “Yadegaran” and “Hidden Side”, published by Revayat Fath publications, are the cheapest with 10,000 Rials price, and the most expensive books are “Baba Nazar” edited by Mostafa Rahimi, “Da” by Azam Hosseini, and “Counterpoint Coup” - the operational report of Mohammad Rasoulallah 27 Army in Ramazan War from Tir to Shahrivar 1361 - written by Golali Babayi with the price of 120,000 Rials and “First Hand” written by Asghar Kazemi with the price of 110,000 Rials. All these books are published by Soureh Mehr publications. 

Moreover, the books “Da” - memories of Zahra Hosseini - “The Future of Iran Islamic Revolution” by Morteza Motahari, “Ermia” by Reza Amirkhani, and the collection “Insight and Benediction: an article, a lecture and a selection of Dr Mostafa Chamran’s prayers” with 90, 30, 19, and 19 editions respectively, are the most reprinted books of the Revolution and Holy Defence in Day 88. 

Also, 5 poetry collections on the subject of 8 year Holy Defense, Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution, including Bahman Saki’s “Karoun Larynx”, Mobin Jalili’s “Shaghayegh Plain”, and Mahmoud Shahrokhi’s “Spring of Bahman”, are given permission in the last month. 

Setareha Publications was the most active Holy Defense publisher in Day by publishing 11 title books, and Soureh Mehr and Revayat Fath take the next positions. “In the Earth, Behind the Fronts: the Life of the martyred Sardar Nourollah Kazemian” written by Hossein Bidar Maghz, “Sahifeh Shahadat: Dictionary of Student Martyrs of Khorasan razavi” compiled by Zohreh and Zahra Heidari and Somayeh Javadi, and “Lesser yet Great: based on the life of Shahid Haj Hassan Mohaghar” by Ameneh Adineh, are among its published books. 

Recent Revolution and Holy Defence books in Day 88 include: “Social layers, the government and revolution in Iran” by Ahmad Ashraf, “The Eighth Pathway” by Seyed Vali Hashemi, “The History of Iran (pre-historic to the Islamic Revolution) by Farough Safizadeh, “A Heart and a Sweetheart: based on the life of Shahid Seyed Hashem Arasteh” by Ameneh Adineh, “The parapet and empty canteens” by Bahram Sadeghi, “Political Thought in Iran after the Revolution” by Yahya Fouzi and Farahnaz Na’eimi, and “Behind opaque glasses: a narrative of the life of Shahid Dr Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti” by Ezatollah Alvandi.
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