Closing ceremony of Book of the Year Award

27th Book of the Year Award laureates announced

Laureates of the 27th edition of Islamic Republic of Iran Book of the Year Award will receive their awards and testimonials in the award’s closing ceremony. In this edition selected works were announced in 9 categories. The closing ceremony of Book of the Year Award kicked off today at 3pm in Vahdat hall.
27th Book of the Year Award laureates announced
IBNA: Author of praiseworthy works will be awarded in the next year’s Book Week.

Laureates of the 27th Book of the Year Award read so:

1. Religion 

Quranic sciences: 

Al Asra Comprehensive Interpretation (Tafsir)/ Compiled by Mohammad Hadi Marefat / Qom: Al-Tamhid Institute 

Narrative sciences:

Religious encyclopedia of God and Ahl Al-Beit book in Saghalein Hadith/ Researched by Hussein Rajaee Mousavi, hassan Shakori/ Qom: Imam Bagher Uloloom school 

Jurisprudence and principles:

Matareh Al-Anzar Taghrir Abhas Al-shiekh Al-azam Ansari/ Compiled by Mirza Abi Al-qasem Nouri Tehrani; Edited by Ali Fazali/ Tehran: Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution’s research center 


Safe conduct/ Compiled by Mohammad Emammi Kashani/ Tehran: Islamic Culture publications 


Muslim scholars view on education and its basics/ Compiled by Mohammad Beheshti/ Tehran: SAMT, center of researching and developing Human sciences- Qom: Howzeh and University research center

Masumin’s biography:

Imams’ Schools/ Compiled by Ali Ahmadi Mianji and edited by Mojtaba faraji/ Qom: Dar Al-hadith

2. Social sciences


Principles of a Social Approach towards Law / Compiled by Abdul reza Ali zadeh/ Qom: University and Howzeh research center, Tehran: SAMT 


Fair Trials/ Compiled by Mostafa Fazaeli/ Tehran: Institute of law researches and studies of Knowledge city

3. Language 

Ancient languages:

Tablets of Takht-e Jamshid’s rampart/ Compiled by Abdul Majid Arfaee/ Tehran: Center of great Islamic encyclopedia

Arabic language:

Contemporary Persian- Arabic dictionary/ Complied by Enayat ullah Fatehi nejhad/ Tehran: Contemporary culture

Public linguistics:

History of Linguistics/ Compiled by Pieter A.M Seuren and translated by Ali Mohammad Hagh Shenas/ Tehran: SAMT 

Other languages:

Dictionary of English- Persian expressions/ Compiled by Mohammad reza Bateni, Sepideh Razavi, Zahra Ahmadi nia, Fatemeh Mohammadi and Roozbeh Eftekhari/ Tehran: Contemporary Culture

4. Mere Science 


Structural geology/ Compiled by Hussein Memarian/ Tehran: Tehran University

5. Practical sciences 


Medicine: 2 books were jointly selected:

Stem cells/ Compiled by Hussein Baharvand/ Tehran: House of biology

Kidney diseases in children/ Compiled by Ali Ahmad zadeh/ Tehran: Teimoor zadeh 


Quantitative trait loci analysis in animals/ Compiled by Joel Ira Weller translated into Persian by Reza Ashtiani/ Tehran: Tehran University 

Metallurgy and Mining:

Welding Metallurgy and Weldability Of Stainless Steels/ Compiled by John C. Lippold and Damian J. Kotacki and translated by Morteza Sham\'anian and Mohammad Rahmati/ Isfahan: Isfahan’s industrial university

6. Arts


Compilation: 2 works were jointly chosen:

- An approach to programming theories/ Compiled by Zohreh Abdi/ Tehran: Shahid Beheshti University

- Technique of Architectural Upkeep/ Compiled by Mohammad Mansour Falamaki/ Tehran: Faza publication


- A History of Architecture Conservation / Compiled by Jukka Jokilehto and translated by Mohammad Hassan Talebian and Khashayar Bahari/ Tehran: Rozaneh 

7. Literature

Literary criticism : 2 works were jointly selected

“Theosophy language”/ Compiled by Alireza Fouladi/ Tehran: Faragoft

“Theatre of ancient mythology in performing literature” / Compiled by Naghmeh Samini/ Tehran: Nashr-e Ney 

Contemporary poetry:

Before Dreams / Composed by Ziaodin Torabi/ Tehran: Chapar

8. History and geography 


- Compilation

Biographies and memories:

“Da” based on the Zahra Husseini\'s memoirs/ Tehran: Soureh Mehr

Islamic nations and Islam’s history:

Shia Atlas/ Compiled by Rasoul Jafari/ Tehran: Publication of Military’s Geography organization

- Translation

The lost world of Elam/ Compiled by Walter Hanz/ Tehran: Nashr-e Mahi 


Alyamini fi akhbardolat almolk yamin aldouleh abi al-Qasem mahmud ibn Naser Aldoleh abi mansour soboktakin/ Compiled by Mohammad Ibn Abdul Jabar Al-atba and edited by Yousef Al-hadi/ Tehran: Written heritage research center 


Rivers and floodplains: forms, processes, and sedimentary record/ Compiled by J.S Bridge and translated by Mohammad Hussein Rezaee mogadam and Mehdi Saghafi/ Tehran: SAMT

9. Children and youths


He was the fairies companion/ Compiled by Saeed Rooh Afza/ Tehran: Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults 

Fictional literature :

Wolves are not afraid of snow/ Compiled by Mohammad reza Bayrami/ Tehran: Qadyani

Humanistic sciences:

Scholars’ dictionary/ Compiled by a group of authors/ Tehran: Talaee 

Science and techniques:

Basic concepts of practical sciences/ Compiled by J. Ball and translated by a group of translators/ Tehran: Fatemi cultural institute
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