A senior cultural official says Iran will publish the English rendition of papers about religious democracy which convey theories and models of the ruling system in the world.
Iran to Release Theories of Religious Democracy in World
IBNA: The press conference of the 3rd National Conference of the Religious Democracy Theory was held on Sunday in the presence of the head of the Islamic Culture and Teachings, Davoud Ranjbaran, the conference’s secretary, Mohammad Reza Marandi and a number of reporters and journalist in Tehran.

In his opening speech, Ranjbaran delivered a report about the conference’s former editions and their achievements, and said that the upcoming edition of the event is slated to be held on December 17, 2013 at the Justice Hall of the Law Department of Shahid Beheshti University at 8 a.m.

As he said, the center follows the Supreme Leader’s guidelines regarding the formulation of the theoretic bases of religious democracy by arranging the conference.

He further asserted that by holding such conferences the issue of religious democracy should be institutionalized in the society and also other Islamic countries.

He also pointed to the conference’s reception in some regional countries, and said that after the Islamic Awakening movement in the region some of the counties have officially corresponded with the organizers of the conference to share their experiences for establishing a system for the popular uprisings.

Ranjbaran further added that some of the works presented to the conference will be rendered into other languages and published in other countries to export the event’s achievements.

He asserted that the conference is in fact a response to an international call for such theories to back religious democracy in many countries which wish to be set free of western liberalism.

During the conference, 15 presentations will be held in the presence of foreign guests and scholars, added Ranjbaran.

Furthermore, a book containing the presented articles will be also distributed among the event’s guests during its sessions.

Also in the conference, the scientific secretary of the conference, Mohammad Reza Marandi, said that 240 pieces have so far been sent to the event’s secretariat.

Theoretical bases of religious democracy, systematizing and religious democracy, religious democracy in practice, and comparative views on religious democracy are some of the major themes of the conference, he added.
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