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New works on Martyr Motahari to be unveiled

19 Apr 2012 - 11:39

Head of the 33rd Martyr Motahari’s Anniversary committee said new cultural stuff about Martyr Motahari will be released parallel with his martyrdom anniversary.

IBNA: In a press conference, held on Tuesday morning (April 17, 2012) vice president of the Allameh Morteza Motahari Cultural-Scientific Foundation and head of the 33rd Martyr Motahari’s Anniversary headquarters announced the headquarters’ programs for the anniversary.

In his opening speech, Mohammad Reza Jafari Jelveh stated that the Islamic awakening has been the greatest event in the region and the world during the last 3 decades. “The Islamic Iran led by Imam Khomeini is the forerunner of the movement,” he stated. “The founding stones of the Islamic Awakening can be traced in the writings of thinkers like martyr Motahari whose role cannot be denied in formation of the theoretical bases of such developments.”

Motahari and Islamic Awakening was the motto of the anniversary last year, he added.

He went on to say that the Islamic-Iranian pattern of development is the most fundamental scheme at the heart of the Islamic Awakening. “Based on the pattern, the movement of the Iranian nation and other revolutionary nations can be designated.”

“Martyr Motahari’s thinking is the founding stone of the Islamic-Iranian model of progress; therefore, Motahari and the Islamic-Iranian Pattern of Progress has been chosen as the motto of the 33rd anniversary. The programs of the event have been arranged in a way to best exhibit martyr Motahari’s thinking and its role in reviving the Islamic civilization through so that a better understating of his thinking will be achieved afterwards,” he added.

He further named some new modifications in the programs of the 33rd anniversary. “Innovative programs, various specialized workshops and formation of student and army bodies are some of the new developments of the programs for the anniversary.”

“Making direct contacts with various organizations and institutions for arranging the programs is another activity of the headquarters of the 33rd anniversary,” he further added. “The headquarters has made breakthroughs in its activities by forming a think tank of prominent thinkers and decisions makers for arranging more applicable programs.”

Jafari Jelveh announced that a symphony specially made for martyr Motahari has been composed and will be played during the anniversary days.

He also added that a new book on Motahari’s life is being written and expressed hope that it would be accompanied with audio-visual products like feature movies, TV series, and documentaries about his life and works.

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