Ukraine's Ambassador to Iran:

"Book is the essence of humanity"

A book fair opened on Saturday evening in the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI) on the occasion of Ukraine's 20th independence anniversary. During the opening ceremony Ukraine's Ambassador to Iran said that book is the basis and essence of humanity and depicts the veiled aspects of civilization."
"Book is the essence of humanity"
IBNA: During the ceremony which was held Saturday, September 10, evening with the attendance of NLAI director and Ukraine's political and cultural delegations in Iran, Ukraine's Ambassador to Iran Alexander Samaraski said:" The book fair is held on the occasion of Ukraine's National Day."

He added:" Holding such fairs will help us to learn more about other countries' culture, history and art and deepen international ties."

Moreover NLAI director Ishagh Salahi congratulated Ukraine's National Day to its nation and government and said:" One day following Ukraine's independence, the Islamic Republic of Iran acknowledged the country."

He added that Iran and Ukraine's geographies are similar due to joint genetic issues.

Since the two countries enjoy political commonalities he went on to say that both Iran and Ukraine gained independence following colonialism."

Director of National Library and Archives of Iran said that that 20th century is the century in which cultural diplomacy is prevailing politics. In order to fulfill the goal during the past century, Iran established its National Library and today the organization is proud to hold a fair for Ukraine's National Day."

Furthermore Ukraine's Book Fair was inaugurated by the director of National Library and Archives of Iran, Ukraine's Ambassador to Iran as well as Ukrainian delegations in Iran.

The book fair is house to samples of book sources and works, theses as well as Ukraine's non-written sources in Iran. Some of Ukrainian theses in Persian include "Comparative studies of the U.S. strategy's impact on Eurasia's colored revolutions", "The impact of Ukraine's recent development in U.S. and Russia's competition" as well as Persian books like "The myth of colored revolutions" by Elahe Koulaee and "Poltava".

Moreover a part of the book fair displays English books themed on Ukraine including "Index of Eastern manuscripts", "Ukraine's market", "Ukraine" and "Chernobyl incident a result of cold war".

Moreover books related to Ukraine's embassy in Iran and different photos including Ukraine's political protest and Iran and Ukraine's joint stamp are displayed as well.

The book fair will wrap up on September 13.
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