IBNA- on the occasion of the 3rd death anniversary of Gunter Grass, Iranian writer Jamal Mir-Sadeghi wrote a note describing the features of leading German writer’s work.
Jamal Mir-Sadeghi
Jamal Mir-Sadeghi
Writing to IBNA, Mir-Sadeghi suggests that the stories of Grass are superb in terms of prose and style and he was the writer who was not concerned for the entertaining aspect of story writing.
“Grass was a great and stylist writer whose stories are excellent in terms of technique and strength, however, his works do not appeal to me,” Mir-Sadeghi writes.
“Speaking of fiction and story, we have to distinguish two subjects of taste and critical evaluation of a story. Regarding the taste, I don’t like Grass’s artistic viewpoint, but my saying does not diminish the values of the works of this writer.
Grass was among those writers who applied magic realism in his works as it is evident in his masterpiece ‘The Tin Drum’. He was indifferent to the amusing facet of storytelling. He was the follower of a path already paved by the French writers who renounced the Aristotelian principles.
The approach of Grass to magical realism is different from that of the Latin American writers and I have always had some difficulties in reading his works. Despite the high values of his stories, I personally prefer the works of for example William Faulkner or Franz Kafka.
From the ancient times, the human beings have always been fascinated by stories, but some modern story writers avoided the entertaining feature of the stories then they were quite on the mark at times, since many low-quality stories were produced which have been regarded as amusing. Gunter Grass was one of them.
A veteran and prolific writer, Mir-Sadeghi has written ten novels, numerous short stories, a fiction dictionary, and published some research on literature and the short story. His writing has been translated into English, German, Armenian, Georgian, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hungarian, Urdu, Hindi and Chinese.
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