IBNA- In a note sent to our office, Iran’s Top Zoroastrian priest, Ardeshir Khorshidian PhD) noted that it’s better for religious minority books to get published and become available to researchers for better understanding between religions.
Religious books enrich understanding of religious minorities
However, Khorshidian points out that this should not be confused with missionary aspects: “Prior to sectarian divisions, all men are human beings and we are all a part of the Iranian nation who are then classified in terms of sect and ethnicity. With this introduction, I would like to point out that human and national interests must be considered at the top of affairs before the ethnic and tribal issues.”  
Head of Tehran Zoroastrian priests says: “Religious minorities do not have the right to propagate their religion which, of course, we have accepted it in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s principal. One way to promote this aspect is the publication of books devoted to Zoroastrian minority. The only publisher of Zoroastrians is Faravahar with, of course, another publisher which has recently been licensed. However, these publishers do not have the right to distribute their books for the sake of preventing misinterpretation and can only sell them through publications.”
Khorshidian adds: “I think disseminating ideas and thoughts in societies with a plurality of religions is a good deed and can challenge thinking and remove prejudices. I believe idea is important and should be defended, but prejudice is condemned and must be removed as it prevents ‘Doubt’. As you know, ‘Doubt’ is the first step to achieve the ‘Truth’ which shows itself in the light of questioning and debate.”
Talking of “doubt” and “truth”, and with respect for the law in the Islamic Republic of Iran, he states: ”I would like to point out that Zorostrian religion is not seeking propaganda as our prophet wants to teach the mankind ‘Good Words, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds’ and tell people that the world is based on the ‘Truth’. This is not propaganda as all prophets of all religions seek to explain this to their followers, and somehow, they are all missionaries of humanity and morality. So, I think religious minority books must be published and made available to the researchers for better understanding of each other.”
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