You have probably heard that 4 years following the presidency of ‘Youngsuk “Y.S.” Chi in IPA (International Publishers Association), director of Bloomsbury Publishing Richard Charkin has taken the control of IPA in his hand.
Establishing better relations with international publishers a must
The latest developments in IPA have been considered by IBNA’s Editor of International Desk Ali Reza Khorasani who writes:
“Implicitly criticizing the membership of simply 60 countries, international and regional organizations in IPA body, Richard Charkin broad-mindedly defined one of the priorities of his biennial strategy to be maximizing the number of the member countries.
Anticipating a bright horizon, he stressed that about 150 non-member countries should be informed about the benefits of the most talked copyright and the economic advantages, to be persuaded to accept the international rules in line with assisting local and international publishers, and consequently aiding the publication economy.
As Youngsuk Chi’s term of presidency over IPA came to an end, the British director apparently intends to take the most advantage of potential business opportunities.
Here inside our country, Iranian publishers are gradually signing bilateral agreements with international publishers, despite the prevailing problems before them, and prepare the ground for themselves to enter the international publishing markets.
Therefore, It is appropriate that the Majlis (Parliament) and the governmental ministries, above them the Ministry of Culture and the Islamic Guidance, take practical steps in this respect to encourage confidence at national and international levels, so the Iranian publishers will be able to prove themselves in the global market and open the local space for the arrival of the international publishers.”
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