IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) based in Holland has called world librarians for membership in the federation's committees in 2011 by submitting their CVs.
Kanoon Calls for membership in IFLA committees
IBNA: The Center for Children's Intellectual Development, acknowledged member of IFLA has called all Iranian librarians to submit their resumés to Kanoon's office of international affairs. 

The volunteers can submit their CVs by 21 January for joining in either of the committees "Copyright and Other International Juridical Issues in Libraries" and "Free Access to Data and Freedom of Speech". 

IFLA invites world librarians for cooperation through calling for articles, posters, new data software and equipment, international cooperation, research and library activity expansion. 

Among prerequisites of committee membership are ability to attend sessions, providing reports on the status of copyright law and other juridical issues in Iran, practical competence of an international IFLA language (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Russian) and mastery in using English.
It also entails the volunteer's interest in committee subjects and follow-up of conferences through email. 

The volunteers can send their CVs to email address Kanoon@jamejam.net , international affairs of Kanoon or dial +21 88967392 for more information. 

Complementary information is provided at ifla.queenslibrary.org/contacts.htm
Accordign to this call, finally two volunteers will be chosen for membership in either of the committees. 

IFLA is an international NGO institute based in Holland whose budget is funded by UNESCO and through membership fees.
This international organization tends to gather world librarians for exchange of ideas and elevation of the professional status of this field of work. 

IFLA's main programs include subjects like global bibliography control, mechanization of services, global access to publications, development of librarianship and third world libraries, preservation of library materials and data, and distanced communication.

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