Reviewing hidden aspects of Iran-Russia relations as well as Russia and other countries’ impact on Iran was published in a book “ pages of memoirs of Iran-Russia relations” by Mohammad Hassan Mehdian by political studies and international relations office.
“Pages of memoirs of Iran-Russia relations” published
IBNA: The book involves different issues of Iran and its communication with other countries by Russia and Soviet diplomats and envoys and the relations of Toodeh party with Russia. 

Based on the book, fragmentation of the Soviet caused many changes and evolutions in Russia, some documents became available for people from inaccessible archives and sources, but unfortunately many of modern Russian historians are still distorted by that history. In another word they tend to express past events with historic interpretation scales because they believe it is impossible to rewrite the history. 

The book contains 13 chapters; “ relations between Iran and Russia Tsar”, “ Bolshevik revolution of Russia and its effect on Iran”, “ Soviet and Iran’s left wing parties”, “ era of Stalin regimen”, “Khrushchev and his actions”, “ a look to the past”, “ governments of exhausted leaders”, “ Boris Yeltsin and fragmentation of Soviet”, “ Iran-Russia relations in past 30 years of the 20th century”, “ Iran’s actions in Atomic Energy”, “ traits of the relation among Iran, Russia and other independent commonwealth countries”, “ Russia information services” and “social, cultural and common characteristics, spirits and traits of Russians” . 

In one part of the book named “ battle on Iran’s oil” it is said : ” no one knew that Iranian Communists were really against the nationalization of oil equipments and resources. From the beginning of the 1950s oil nationalization movement appeared rapidly. For Toodeh Party as the only single representative of National and democratic forces, this goal and aim must be in priority of its programs. But everything was against the expectation. Once more policy and tactical guidelines of Moscow disrupted everything and avoided this party do its patriotism task. 

It also mentions issues like Soviet Bolshevik regimen and Mirza Kuchak Khan movement, capturing Tehran and dominance on Abadan oil facilities, anomaly performance of Moscow toward Iran’s Communists, Toodeh Party and Islamic Revolution of Iran, Stalin foreign policy and Soviet-Iran relations, Iran and Russia cooperation in Atomic Energy and Iran, Russia’s position in international theorems. 

For writing the book more than 70 books, articles and reports as well as the writer’s own information and studying have been used. 

The first impression of the book was published by political studies and international relation office of Ministry of foreign affairs in 1000copies and 660 pages.

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