"Kenya" is published by a group of authors in Iran's Foreign Ministry in assessment of the political and international status of Kenya.
Everything about Kenya
IBNA: The book reports on different political, geographical, economic, cultural and social aspects of Kenya.

According to the book, Kenya is the most politically stable country in Africa with only three presidents since declaration of its independence in 1963. however, a case of coup de tat has been recorded since then.

After Kenya's multi-party elections in 1993, the Republic of Kenya was established.

The seven parts of the book are Geography, Religions, Social and Cultural, Economy, Politics and Society, Foreign Relations, and Relations with I.R.Iran.

Human rights, terrorism, foreign military contracts, membership in international ties, political parties of Kenya, politics and activities of the parties, economic development plan, economic structure, and a review on the transfer of power in Kenya are among the main topics discussed in the book.

The publication center of the Foreign Ministry of Iran has marketed 1000 copies of the book in its first edition.
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