Along with the sixtieth anniversary of the international declaration of human rights, "Imam Sajjad (as) Law Pamphlet" was published in Spanish and Arabic with the effort of Iranian cultural attaché in Spain.
Imam Sajjad (as) law pamphlet in Spanish
IBNA: According to the general office of information and public relations of the organization of Islamic culture and relations, along with the sixtieth anniversary of the international declaration of human rights and the birth anniversary of Imam Sajjad (as), the Law pamphlet of the fourth Imam which explains the rights and duties of men in the best way by taking on a deep and comprehensive view is published in Spanish.

This is the first time this pamphlet is published in Spain. It aims to present the views of Shiite Imams to the Spanish addressees.

The foreword to this book by "Seyeyd Ahmad Reza Khezri", Iranian cultural attaché in Spain, reads: Throughout history human rights has been the concern of many thinkers, scientists, philosophers and social activists. Many of these thinkers have tried to explain these rights in different ways. but, in spite of all these efforts, human rights have been neglected in many ways and have lead to bitter situations like discrimination, poverty, prostitution and corruption, drug trafficking and terror. These extensive crises indicate that human beings have always been targeted by challenges and in order to preserve his rights, the level of his knowledge and security should be increased.

He believes that it is the reason that these rights have not yet been fully successful is that they are executed by governments which are actually the breakers of these laws.

The Iranian cultural attaché has published one of the oldest Islamic texts about the human rights in Spanish. Its aim is to disseminate the Islamic thinking about human rights among the Spanish citizens and to familiarize them with great Islamic leaders.
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