IBNA- Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House Institute has ‎attended the virtual New Delhi ‎World Book Fair 2021 which opened yesterday, introducing books in Digital Right ‎Center of the 1st Tehran Virtual Book Fair (TVBF). ‎
Iran attends virtual New Delhi World Book Fair 2021‎
Representing our country, the institute introduces 70 winning books in different domestic book awards such as Iran's Book of the Year Award, Jalal Al-e Ahmad Book Award as well as books in Digital Right Center of the 1st Tehran Virtual Book Fair, public relations department of Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House reported.
Moreover, the institute introduces the best Iranian authors of children and young adults books in a catalogue as well as works in the field of children and young adults books in English. The books whose publishers are eager to sell their rights are also being showcased.
The first-ever virtual book fair New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) will run by March March 9. This edition has been organized by the National Book Trust (NBT) in association with the International Trade Organization of India (IPPO). Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, this year, the fair will be completely virtual and free for all. The theme of the book fair this year will be National Education Policy 2020.
Over 160 publishers and exhibitors across 15 countries, including the UK, the US, the UAE, China, France, Iran, Nepal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Italy will be participating in the Foreign Publishers’ Hall at the fair according to NBT.
The theme and significant changes made in the education policy will also be highlighted during the virtual four-day book fair.
The visitors will too get a chance to participate in discussions on education and pedagogy wherein they can also have conversations with authors and scholars. Apart from these, book release functions and cultural programs will also be held.
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