IBNA- Iran's Research Institute of Theosophy and Philosophy in Tehran will hold the ‎online International Conference on Rationality, Theism and Atheism on March 1 and 2.‎
The preliminary stages of the conference started in August and the achievements of the conference will be presented online during these two days. These lectures will be presented both in Persian and English in 14 panels, public relations department of Iran's Research Institute of Theosophy and Philosophy reported.
Titles of Persian panels are:
- Conceptual and Imaginary Issues and Considerations on God
- Philosophical Arguments of Atheists (1)
- Philosophical Arguments of Atheists (2)
- Philosophical Arguments of Theists
- Cognitive and Non-cognitive Faculties and Belief or Disbelief in God
-  Agnosticism and Religious Epistemological Differences
- Functions and Challenges of Philosophical Reasoning on God
- Naturalism and Supernaturalism
Titles of English panels are:
Critique of Ontological Argument -
Rationality of Religious Belief / Disbelief -
On (ir) Rationality of Atheism -
Critiques of God-World Relation -
Problems of Traditional Theistic Arguments -
Problems Concerning God’s Attributes -
The eminent professor of philosophy of religion Richard Swinburne at the University of Oxford will make a speech at the online conference.
Those who are interested can participate in this conference may refer to the following links:
English panel: https://www.skyroom.online/ch/irip/rta2021
Persian panels: https://www.skyroom.online/ch/irip/rta20221fa

Further details about the panels will be announced later.

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