IBNA- Presenting several books, ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) is attending the 1st Tehran ‎Virtual Book Fair which opened on January 20 and will run by January 25. ‎
ECO Cultural Institute attends Tehran Virtual Book Fair
Already actively participated at earlier editions of Tehran International Book Fair, here ‎ECI Presents a variety of works by cultural elites of member countries of ECO such as ‎‎'The times and Works of Kamal Khojandi', '... The Beloved is Coming!', 'Letters and ‎Correspondences in Shahnameh (Iranian Book of Kings)', 'Forty Lessons of Perfection', ‎‎"Iran and Iqbal (Content-Historical Analysis of the Process of Studies on Muhammad ‎Iqbal in Iran)', Persian website of ECI reported.‎

‎"Regional Cooperation on the Ground of Cultural Commonalities (Cooperation of ‎National Libraries of ECO Member Countries)', 'A Window of Love', "The Life of Iqbal's  ‎and his Time'," Mowlana Jalal ul-Din Rumi, His life, works and excerpts from His ‎Works' are among other books offered by ECI in this online book event. ‎

The books featured at the 1st Tehran Virtual Book Fair can be visited and purchased ‎round the clock. Those interested in ECI books at the online fair may refer to ‎https://tehranbookfair.com/#/exhibitordetails/ECO-Cultural-Institute ‎

ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) is affiliated with ECO and aims at fostering understanding ‎and the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of its members through common ‎projects in the field of the media, literature, art, philosophy, sport and education.‎

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