IBNA- Head of international co-operation of University of Isfahan said on Sunday that ‎the university has established ties with 10 Russian scientific and cultural centers in ‎various fields, including the expansion of Persian and Russian languages. ‎
‎Isfahan University cooperates with Russian academic, cultural centers
Komeil Tayyebi said that Russian centers include Lomonosov Moscow State University and Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. He added that the cooperation includes the exchange of students and professors, as well as joint research projects, IRNA reported.
Tayyebi said that there is good interest seen in Iranian and Russian universities to promote Persian and Russian languages, adding that one plan is to sign an agreement with Russkiy Mir Foundation, whose aim is to promote Russian language stating that Isfahan University aims to set up Iranian studies department in Russian universities.
He added that Russkiy Mir Foundation is active in Tehran and gives academic service to universities on northern Iran and if the foundation is established in the University of Isfahan, the cooperation will extend to the universities in southern Iran as well.
As Isfahan and St. Petersburg are sister cities and that Russian is taught at the University of Isfahan, he hoped that Isfahan and St, Petersburg desk will open in the university.
The University of Isfahan is one of the most important universities in Iran. It has 15,000 students and 660 faculty members.
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