IBNA - The 3rd International Conference on Rumi Studies which is held online, opened in ‎Isfahan University on Monday.‎
‎3rd Intl
This international conference will continue until December 15, holding weekly and specialized meetings. The event is aimed at providing the latest research achievements by scholars, language specialists, Persian literature, and local and foreign scholars on the thoughts and works of Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi known as Mawlana.
The event is being held in three parts of scientific innovations, including the principles of Rumi's thoughts, the manuscript of Rumi, Rumi and Shams Tabrizi, Criticism and Analysis of Rumi's works, including art, childhood and teenager literature, psychology and consulting and Rumi research in the field of international community Rumi Studies in China, Bangladesh, India, Balkan region and Arab Countries, IRNA reported.
A total of 14 meetings and 56 speeches will be delivered at the conference, with the presentation of the latest scientific findings on Rumi studies, said the secretary of the 3rd International Conference on Rumi Studies in the opening ceremony.
To commemorate Shams and Rumi in Iran, numerous events, including festivals, conferences, seminars, as well as webinars are held annually. In Iran, September 29 has been designated as Shams Tabrizi Day and September 30 as Rumi's Day to honor these two great figures of Iran and the world.
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