IBNA- A modern opera adaptation of a short story, 'The Doll Behind the Curtain' by ‎leading Iranian writer Sadegh Hedayat will go on stage at the Copenhagen Opera House, ‎Denmark from December 8 to 13.‎
Iranian musician Amir-Mahyar Tafreshipur is the composer of the opera, which will be directed by Danish artist Freja Friberg Lyme. The scenario has been written by writer and dramatist for radio and theatre Dominic Power, Tehran Times reported.
‘The Doll Behind the Curtain’ is an imaginative story of a young man’s fascination with a statue on display in a shop window. He finds the mysterious beauty of the statue so captivating that he takes it back to Iran with him. His infatuation and inner conflicts urge him to act in ways that not only ruin his own life but also that of his fiancé, who struggles to outshine her silent rival.
Tafreshipur’s music clearly reflects the dissonance between the modern and ancient worlds. The music effortlessly alternates between European modernism, Oriental folklore and classical traditions, painting a precise picture of the choices all individuals are forced to face in this “clash of the civilizations.”
Earlier in August 2015, opera singer Maya Sapone directed “The Doll Behind the Curtain” during the Tête à Tête Opera Festival in two performances at the Kings Place Hall in London.
Iran’s foremost short story writer Sadegh Hedayat was influenced by world literature, especially European literature, and read the works of Kafka, Poe and Dostoyevsky. He committed suicide in Paris.
His works have been translated into many languages and “The Blind Owl” is considered among the ten most important works in world surrealist literature.
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