IBNA- Iranian romantic novel 'His Ego' by Reza Amirkhani has been translated into Indonesian and published.
Iranian novel
Iran's Cultural Attaché to Indonesia, Mehrdad Rakhshandeh said: "The book has been published within the framework of Top Plan initiated by Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) under the title 'Akunya Dia' in 648 pages and 1000 copies. It is the first Iranian fiction work which is released in Indonesia", public relations department of ICRO reported.
Translated into Indonesian by Bastian Zulyeno, an Indonesian literati and expert of Persian language who has been graduated  from the University of Tehran with a PhD degree, the novel is centered on the love story of Ali and Mahtab Mahtab, the daughter of Ali's family maid.
Mahtab refuses to marry him until she becomes sure about her real love for Ali. Mahtab receives consultations from a mystic type man called Mostafa, an inflential character in her life. However, the story takes a tragic turn when in the end Ali and Mahtab die supposed to marry in the future life.         
Story Code : 299702
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