IBNA- Secretariat of the 12th Farabi International Award on the Iranian and Islamic ‎Studies announced that the deadline for submitting research works has been extended to ‎November 10. ‎
Deadline for submitting works to 12th Farabi Int’l Award extended
The secretariat said that the decision was made due to the requests of research centers and publishers. Earlier, head of the secretariat Hossein Mirzaie stated that the Deadline will be October 21 and registration of works in the Farabi International Award website will be in two general and legal forms via the website: WWW.FARABIAWARD.IR
He said that in addition to the fact that authors and researchers can register their works in the website or submitted to the Farabi secretariat; the publishers, universities, research centers, educational and scientific associations and groups can register their proposed works if they recognized those are well-qualified and worthy works to be introduced. Thus they will provide a platform for identifying the richest research works.
It should be noted that the Farabi International Award is held annually by Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology; UNESCO; ISESCO; the National Elites Foundation, and the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies.
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