IBNA- Iran's Cultural Attache to Turkey has held two spring and summer online Persian ‎language courses from May 2020 in Ankara.‎
Online Persian language courses held in Ankara
They include 18 classes at different levels based on the standards of Persian language training set by Sa'di Foundation in Ankara, public relations office of this foundation reported.
In these courses, seven groups at the elementary and basic levels, eight groups at the pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate levels and three groups at the advanced and skilled level have been learning Persian.
It should be noted that currently language learners from the cities of Sivas, Kastamonu, Yuzgat, Konya, Çorum, Malatya, Elazığ and Istanbul inside Turkey as well as students from Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan outside Turkey are using the online education infrastructure of the Ankara center.
They have been able to learn Persian online and in-person classes of this center. They have also expressed their satisfaction with the quality of these courses and have continued to participate in these classes.
The Ankara's online and in-person summer course will end on September 28 and it’s expected that with the start of the new academic year in Turkey, the Ankara autumn training course of Persian language will kick off on October.
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