IBNA- The first online Persian language and literature teaching course was held by ‎Iran's House of Culture in Peshawar, Pakistan. ‎
First online Persian language teaching course held in Peshawar
The program took place on YouTube and will be continued for three months by university instructors of that Pakistani state under the supervision Iran's House of Culture. The public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization reported.
At the opening ceremony of the class, Mehran Eskandarian, head of Iran's House of Culture in Peshawar sent a video message appreciating the cooperation and assistance of instructors and considerate directors of Persian language and literature in the universities of the state.
He also welcomed Persian language students and provided a brief history on the valuable background of Persian language in Indian subcontinent.
"We hope that teaching Persian language and literature at a time when the world is battling  Corona virus will be promoted more and more through internet," he added.
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