IBNA- An online farewell ceremony was held for Iranian, Persian language instructors of ‎Dhaka and Rajshahi universities in Bangladesh.‎
Farwell ceremony held for Persian language instructors in Bangladesh ‎
The Persian Language and Literature departments of Dhaka and Rajshahi universities which organized the digital communication event bid farewell to Mohammad-Kazem Kahdouyi (Dhaka University) and Hamedani (Rajshahi University), public relations department of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization  reported.
The ceremony was attended by Professor Mohammad Fazlul Haque, Dean Faculty of Arts at Rajshahi University, and Hassan Sehat, Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Bangladesh, as guests of honor as well as other professors and students of the universities.
In a speech, Iranian Cultural Attaché referred to the history of the Persian language in the Indian subcontinent, and stressed on the important role of expatriates and native university instructors of Persian language and literature. He also expressed the readiness of Iran to grant scholarships to Bangladeshi students and scholars, adding that it would be the best to make the most of this opportunity at the moment.
University of Dhaka is the oldest and largest university in Bangladesh. University of Rajshahi is a public university which is the second largest university in Bangladesh, in Rajshahi, a city in northwestern Bangladesh.
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