IBNA- A research work, ‘Anti-Muslim Racism and Islamophobia’ edited by Wassilis ‎Kassis and Bülent Uçar centered on the one of the key issues in Europe and the world ‎has been published in Germany.‎
‎‘Anti-Muslim Racism and Islamophobia’ published in Germany
‘Anti-Muslim Racism and Islamophobia’ (Antimuslimischer Rassismus Und Islamfeindlichkeit in German) has been released by the Institute for Islamic Theology at the University of Osnabruck Press  (Veroffentlichungen Des Instituts Fur Islamische Theologie Der Universitat Osnabruck) in 338 pages, Iran's Cultural Attaché in Germany reported.
The recourse of anti-Islamic respectively anti-Muslim attitudes serves to be a starting point for many political movements and demagogues to generate attention as well as affirmation, as the sociological developments especially since the year of 2015 evidently demonstrate.
Notwithstanding that this phenomenon is by no means entirely new, since anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim sentiments can be traced back into the past in a variety of ways. For all these reasons it is essential to approach these sentiments and tendencies in a multiperspective and interdisciplinary manner.
Some of the possible perspectives and analyses concerning anti-Islamic attitudes and anti-Muslim racism shall therefore be introduced and propounded in this anthology.
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