IBNA- On the occasion of the 50th death anniversary of noted Polish philosopher Roman ‎Ingarden, International Philosophical Congress will be held on September 22‒27 2020 ‎at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.‎
Roman Ingarden
Roman Ingarden
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from philevents.org, the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the eminent Polish philosopher and humanist Roman Ingarden in 2020 is an occasion to launch an international academic debate on current trends in contemporary philosophy.

The main aim of the organizers is therefore to furnish an international group of researchers with a convenient space for a free and creative exchange of thoughts, ideas, and views.
The Thematic Panels will be organized within the following themes:
    contemporary ontology
    contemporary logic
    contemporary epistemology
    contemporary ethics
    contemporary aesthetics
    cognitive science
    feminist philosophy
    gender studies
    posthuman studies
    the philosophy of Roman Ingarden
Deadline for submitting abstract articles is June 1, 2020.
All information about the Congress can be found at:
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