IBNA- Kurdish Iranian writer Behrouz Boochani’s book ‘No Friend But The Mountains’ ‎will be made into a feature film with production to begin in Australia in mid-2021.‎
‎‘No Friend But The Mountains’, to be adapted into a film
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from The Guardian, the Kurdish Iranian writer and journalist, who is currently living in New Zealand after six years in immigration detention, said the film adaptation would bring more international attention to the truth behind Australia’s brutal immigration detention regime.

Boochani’s 2018 biography, written one text message at a time from within the Manus detention center, has previously won Australia’s richest literary prize, the Victorian premier’s literary prize, as well as the National Biography award bringing him a total of $135000 cash prize.
The author believes that the film will bring more attention to Australia’s brutal immigration detention regime
“The most important thing is that we should share this story, and this story is not just my story,” he told Guardian Australia. “What the Australian government has done, in Manus and Nauru and still continues this policy–we should share this story in different languages–and cinema is a very important and powerful language.
“It is a powerful platform, it is a language for everyone. I think more people will engage with this story, and we can take this story more internationally. That is very important.”
A regular correspondent for Guardian Australia, Boochani wrote about seeing his friends shot and murdered by guards, his time in solitary confinement after reporting on a hunger strike, and the mental harm inflicted on fellow asylum seekers inside the Manus Island detention center.
‘No Friend But The Mountains’ was written while in detention and translated in collaboration with interpreter Moones Mansoubi and academic Omid Tofighian.
The Persian edition of the book has been released by Cheshmeh publishing in Tehran has been welcomed by the Iranian readers.  
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