IBNA- A roundtable titled "Manifestation of Hafez Poetry in German Contemporary Art" ‎was held concurrent with the exhibition ‘Tribute to Hafez’ in Bushehr on Monday.‎
Hafez art and mysticism explored in Uecker
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Administration of Bushehr Province, the event was held which was attended by Hafez experts and visual artists took place in the Academy of Art and Architecture in Bushehr.
Deputy of Culture Ministry Administration in Bushehr Province Anita Mozzafari said in the event that Hafez is a prominent international figure whose fame is due to describing spiritual human needs masterfully by his poems.
"Hafez and His Status in World Societies" and "Visual Arts and their Influence on People" werere two articles which were presented respectively by Iranian Hafez scholar Abbas Ashourinejad and a visual artist Amrollah Esmaeili in the program.
‘Tribute to Hafez’ by ‎ the 89-year-old German sculptor, op and installation artist Günther ‎Uecker features 42 works which offer a new reading of the ‎legendary Iranian poet’s work.
He earlier held an exhibition in Isfahan titled ‘Wounds and Relations’ in 2013 and then inspired by the ghazals of Hafez and the mystical colorings of Isfahan decided to create novel works. He has been engaged with interpreting the works of literature and poetry by visual expression as it’s evident in his ‘Tribute to Hafez’.
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