IBNA- Secretary-General of Iran's National Commission of UNESCO announced that ‎Abu Nasr Farabi and Attar Neishaburi have been enlisted into UNESCO ‎commemoration list.‎
Farabi, Attar in National Commission of UNESCO commemoration list
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Iran's National Commission of UNESCO, Hojjatollah Ayoubi referred to the honoring ceremony of Iranian philosopher and mystic Shahab ad-Din Suhrawardi and 1750th anniversary of the foundation of Jondi-Shapour (Gundeshapur) University among the plans of the commission saying that any other year, all countries may introduce two of their prominent figures whose date of birth and death is a coefficient of 50 to UNESCO and hold commemoration ceremonies for them.
He added that after considerations by experts two prominent figures, the philosopher, cosmologist, mathematician and music scholar Abu Nasr Farabi and poet, mystic, theoretician of Sufism, hagiographer and pharmacist Attar Neishaburi were selected to be commemorated.
Saying that these luminaries define the identity of the region, Ayyoubi stressed that various programs have been intended to be held in their honor.
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