IBNA- Two Iranian books on industrial trade and quality services by Pooya Alaedini and ‎two other authors have been released in English respectively by Springer Publishing and ‎Emerald Group Publishing.‎
Springer, Emerald publish Iranian scientific books
According to IBNA correspondent, the books are ‘Industrial, Trade, and Employment Policies in Iran, Towards a New Agenda’ co-authored by Pooya Alaedini, a graduate from University of Tehran and Mohamad R. Razavi, released by Springer Publishing also ‘Quality Services and Experiences in Hospitality and Tourism Vol: 9’ by Cai A. Liping and Pooya Alaedini, released by Emerald Group Publishing.
‘Industrial, Trade, and Employment Policies in Iran’ explores Iran’s industrial and trade policy options for achieving sustainable, export-oriented, and pro-employment growth.

The first part of the book discusses Iran’s economic and industrial development performance, as well as strategies for enhancing capabilities, fostering productive transformation, and developing employment that can result in faster and more inclusive economic growth. It also presents a case study on a leading manufacturing subsector—the automotive industry.
‎‘Quality Services and Experiences in Hospitality and Tourism Vol: 9’‎ presents the latest perspectives and practices on quality services and experiences in hospitality and tourism.

It offers conceptual discourse, empirical evidence, application of existing and emerging theories, and considers the implications of practical findings to extend beyond the academic realm of service quality, and examine the quality issues of both services provided and experiences encountered across a wide spectrum of tourism sectors.

As such, it provides new intelligence and contributes to the study of new consumers, as well as organizations and destinations that serve and host them. 
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