IBNA- ‘The Eleventh Golestan’ by Behnaz Zarrabizadeh, a book featuring memories of ‎the wife of an Iranian commander of the Sacred Defense won the Golden Medal of ‎Eurasian Literature Award.‎
‎‘The Eleventh Golestan’ wins the Eurasian Literature Award
According to IBNA correspondent, Zarrabizadeh gave the news in her Instagram page adding that the publisher of ‘The Eleventh Golestan’ in Russian received the award on behalf of the author.
‘The Eleventh Golestan’ features the memories of Zahra Panahirava, the wife of Martyr Ali Chitsazian, a commander of the Sacred Defense (the war former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein imposed on Iran).
The award is presented by Eurasian Creative Union, a nonprofit organization which was established in 2013 by several country representatives: Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Belorussia, Tajikistan and India.

The main goal of organization is the development and support of creative and intellectual qualities of a person, considering ethnical diversity and human unity. Any person or a company whose activities correspond to the goals of ECU can become a member of the union.
Eurasian literature award was established the same year as Union – in 2013. It is dedicated to select such an artworks of literature, documentaries and journalist reports which express Eurasian historically known deep intercultural spirit.
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