IBNA- The International Conference, Problems of Kant’s Philosophy is a scheduled to be ‎held in Bristol, United Kingdom on August 11-12. ‎
Bristol to host Problems of Kant’s Philosophy Int’l Conference
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from philevents.org the event which is held by UK’s Kant Society, invites philosophers to address textual or systematic problems with Kant’s or Kantian philosophy.

New takes on old problems, the raising of unnoticed issues, but also defenses of Immanuel Kant against these problems are welcomed in the conference. The event seeks to attract not only Kant scholars but also speakers who will discuss the broader implications of Kant and Kantians’ work.

It also aims to bring together research into the various aspects of Kant’s and Kantian philosophy, including critical discussion of its viability and potency for various current philosophical issues.
Submissions from any topic relating to problems in Kant’s and Kantian philosophy are acceptable, but some suggested topics below would have priority:
The plausibility and systematic potency of central elements of Kant’s theoretical philosophy:
Kant’s account of freedom and nature; Transcendental Idealism; The idea that reason stands in need of a Critique; The relation of Kant’s theoretical philosophy to non-Euclidian geometry, quantum physics or dialetheism; Epistemic responsibility, the ethics of belief, and epistemic norms;
The suitability of rational standards, such as universalizability, as supreme principles of morality; The role of motivation for moral worth and moral evaluation; The nature and role of maxims; The problem of rigorism and overdemandingness; Lying and truthfulness; Kant’s and Kantian applied ethics in areas such as climate ethics, issues of global poverty and medical ethics, etc are among the other topics of discussion.
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