IBNA- The Conference of Philosophical Methods will be held in Zagreb, Croatia on ‎December 5-6, 2019. ‎
Zagreb to host Conference of Philosophical Methods
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from Philevents.org, The philosophical method, rather than its subject-matter, is what distinguishes philosophy from other fields of research. Starting with Sophists and Socrates, philosophers have developed a number of such methods.

This brings many vexing issues, given the number of such methods, their diversity, the fact that they are often mutually excluding, not always clearly distinguishable from non-philosophical methods, etc.
In addition, particular philosophical methods come with specific epistemological, as well as metaphysical, logical, and linguistic, commitments or implications, often problematic in its own right.
The goal of this conference, organized by the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb, the leading Croatian research institution in philosophy, is to critically examine, from contemporary and historical perspective, the various aspects of the philosophical method(s), and the wide range of closely related issues, such as the metaphilosophical concerns regarding the nature of philosophy, its progress, and its place within (or outside) the scientific framework; the metaphysical issues concerning the truth, objectivity, and relativism; the epistemological issues concerning the intuitions, experience, understanding, and disagreement; and other relates issues.
The academicians and experts may sent their short abstracts (200-300 words) by 30 June 2019 to philosophicalmethods@ifzg.hr.
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