IBNA- The English translation of ‘Jamshid; Sunset’, an ‎Iranian graphic novel series will ‎be released by British Markosia Publishing. ‎
Iranian graphic novel ‘Jamshid; Sunset’ to be published in English
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Hoorakhsh Studio, the producer of the original work in Tehran, Markosia has already published the first two installments of the four-volume graphic novel ‘Jamshid’ created by Ashkan Rahgozar.

The British publisher will release ‘Jamshid; Sunset’ and ‘Jamshid; Sunset II’ both online and through book stores on July 10 and August 5 respectively.   

The graphic novel is based on the King Jamshid story in the masterpiece of Persian epical poetry ‘Shahnameh’ by Abu’l-Qasem Ferdowsi. The entire work will set the groundwork for the production of an animation film under the same title by Hoorakhsh Studio.

Founded by Harry Markos in 2004, the London-based comic book publishing company Markosia has made a name for itself in recent years through the release of works in a variety of genres.

Hoorakhsh Studio in Tehran was established in 2005 to produce graphic novels, animation movies and video games. The studio has produced an animation titled ‘The Last Tale’ based on ‘Jamshid’ which narrates the story of Zahhak the evil, Jamshid the King, Kaveh the hero and Afaridoun, a young hero.   
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