IBNA- ‘Ruba'iyat of Attar’, a Persian poetry collection by the legendary Iranian Sufi mystic Attar, ‎has been translated into ‎Arabic by Egyptian scholar and translator Manal al-Yamini Abdul-Aziz ‎and published in ‎Cairo, Egypt. ‎
Arabic translation of ‘Ruba
According to IBNA correspondent, correspondent quoting from the public relations department of Iran’s Islamic Relations and Culture Organization, ‘Ruba'iyat of Attar’ features 500 selected Ruba’i-s by Iranian Sufi mystic, poet and hagiographer of the twelfth-century Farid ud-Din Attar Neishabouri. The book has been released by Afagh Publishing in Cairo.

Manal al-Yamini Abdul-Aziz (PhD) has already translated ‘Tazkirat ul-Awliya’ (Biographies of the Saints) into Arabic is a 72-chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life of famous Sufis and their miraculous deeds.

‘Ruba'iyat of Attar’ has been translated into English by Paul Smith and released by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
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