IBNA- ‘I Am from Here, Stop asking!’ a book by Journalist and author Ferda Ataman on ‎the dilemmas of Germans who have non-German names by Ferda Ataman has been ‎published. ‎
Book on dilemmas of Germans’ non-German names published
Based on a news item sent to IBNA by the German Cultural Attaché to Iran, ‘I Am from Here, Stop asking!’ (in German: Ich bin von hier, Hört auf zu fragen!) considers the way Germans talk about migration, refugees and integration and the fact  that they can seriously decide whether they want migrants in their country or not, and if so, how many  they tolerate.
Ferda Ataman whose parents were Turkish, grew up in Germany says the idea of a "white" host society in which immigrants come in is a kind of German way of life. Like many other Germans, who grew up with a foreign name, she is fed up with constantly having to explain where she actually came from, how she relates to Erdogan or what keeps her from the headscarf simply because of her name or the country of birth of her parents.
Born in Stuttgart in 1979, Ataman studied political science and after completing her studies, she completed a course at Berlin Journalism School. As a journalist, she has written for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tagesspiegel and Spiegel Online.
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