IBNA- Concurrent with the visit of Deputy of Quran and Etrat of Iran’s Culture Ministry, ‎the first Braille version of ‘Nahj al-Balagha’ (Peak of Eloquence) by Imam Ali (AS) will be ‎unveiled on Saturday.‎
First Braille version of ‘Nahj al-Balagha’ to be unveiled
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Culture Ministry Administration in Isfahan, Deputy of Quran and Etrat Abdol-Hadi Feqhizadeh will attend the unveiling ceremony. The word Etrat refers to the relatives of Prophet Mohamad (PBUH).

The event has been organized by Roshandelan Culture and Quran Institute. The Braille version of ‘Nahj al-Balagha’ has been translated by Maestro Majid Dashti. The work has been compiled by a 6-member team of experts among them 5 are visually impaired.  
‘Nahj al-Balagha’ by Imam Ali (AS) was first compiled by  Sayyed Sharif Razi who had collected the speeches, precepts, prayers, epistles and aphorisms of Imam Ali, Sayyed Razi was a Shi'a scholar living in the 10th century (4th century AH). The Persian translations of Nahj al-Balagha dates back to some centuries ago.

The book is known for its eloquent content, and is considered a masterpiece of literature in Shi'a Islam.
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