IBNA- A commemoration ceremony is a scheduled to be held for the father of Persian ‎language Abu ‘l-Qasem Ferdowsi with Iranian Maestro vocalist Shahram Nazeri in ‎attendance.‎
Ferdowsi to be commemorated at Iran’s Artists Forum
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from Baharan Institute, the program which is slated for Thursday, May 16 will be attended by Iranian writers, translators, journalists which play a key role in preserving the Persian language.

The ceremony will also pay tribute to the researchers, literati and figures of culture and arts who have spent their life working on ‘Shahnameh’ (Persian Book of Kings), the masterpiece of Ferdowsi such as Maestro Mohammad Ali Islami Nadushan and Sa’eed Hamidian.
‘Shahnameh’ is the world's longest epic poem created by a single poet, and the national epic of Greater Iran. Ferdowsi is celebrated as the most influential figure in Persian literature and one of the greatest in the history of literature.
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