IBNA- An exhibition of visual arts works by the leading Iranian poet Yadollah Royaee ‎titled “Design and Image in Space” will be held from April 26 at Kama Gallery in Tehran.‎
Tehran exhibition hosts visual arts works by Royaee
According to IBNA correspondent, “Design and Image in Space” features 30 works. These poems are unique examples of a style in Persian poetry known as Espacementalisme which was first created by Royaee.

Espacementalisme emerged during the 1960s, before the Islamic revolution of 1979. It confronted the Iranian content-centered poetry and is rather concerned with form than content.

At first sight, the works showcased in the exhibition look like a composition of the key words and poems by Royaei in colors and forms which are not painterly but have a dreamlike feature. Poems are portrayed with a specific calligraphy within the pictures.

The poems composed based on this style are reflections of poets’ subjectivity but in a coherent way. Royaee himself was influenced by the Iranian Sufi mystic poetry and French Romanticism. He was associated with other noted Iranian poets of that time including Ahmad Shamlou, Fereydoun Rahnama and Bijan Jalali.

Royaee has been living in France since 1979 and his ‘The Past me: Signature’ (Le Passé en je signature) was translated into French in 2002.
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