IBNA- Director of foreign publishers committee of the 32nd Tehran International Book ‎Fair (TIBF) said that 104000 foreign books have been reached to Tehran customs and ‎will be presented in the upcoming event. ‎
Book consignments reach Tehran to be presented at TIBF ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the news department of The 32nd Tehran International Book Fair, Ahad Rezaei said that these books will be presented by publishers and publications representatives in the event.
“This year publishers from England, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, Qatar, Iraq and Turkey will directly participate in the book fair,” he said.
“Also publications representatives from the United States, Germany, India, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, Italy, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan will attend the 32nd TIBF,” Rezaei added.
“The European language books will be displayed in an area of 2000 square meters. They include 104000 titles of books among them 41000 will be showcased in the category of the new books and 63000 will be presented in the category of other books.”
“The area allocated to Arab language publishers is 1300 square meters featuring 33000 titles of books,” Director of foreign publishers committee of the 32nd TIBF said.
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