IBNA- Wuhan University in China, School of Philosophy will hold International ‎Conference on Explanation in Philosophy in May 24 to 26. ‎
International Conference on Explanation in Philosophy due
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from philevents.org, this conference will examine the notion of explanation and the role that explanation plays in philosophy and its sub-disciplines. The primary goal is to provide a venue for different perspectives on this crucial philosophical notion.

In so doing, the event seeks to make progress toward unifying the disparate literatures on explanation as they currently stand in the philosophical sub-disciplines.

The conference addresses topics such as: What is the relationship between causal explanations and non-causal explanations?
What is the relationship between verbal explanations and metaphysical explanations? In what way do "grounding facts" explain the facts that they ground? How do natural facts explain normative facts? and so forth.
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