IBNA- Deputy Culture Minister of Quran and Etrat believes that presenting different and impressive works at the 25th International Quran Exhibition next year can facilitate the understanding of Holy Quran.
25th Int’l Quran Exhibition awaits impressive works
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of the Deputy of the Quran and Etrat of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the third meeting of the organizing council of the 25th International Quran Exhibition chaired by the Deputy of Quran Hojat ol-Eslam Mohammad Reza Heshmati was held on Sunday morning at the exhibition’s headquarters.
The meeting began with each member of the council presenting a report on his group’s specialized work accompanied with their proposals.
Hojat ol-Eslam Mohammad Reza Heshmati express his gratitude to the members of the council for their reports and stressed on the need to speed up the executive sections and the public relations of the 25th Exhibition.
“Providing different and impressive works in the Quranic event next year can help the understanding of Quran among the public,” he said.
The Deputy Culture Minister asked for methods to make people participate in the Quran Exhibition and said: “The collective activities of the Quranic Exhibition certainly belongs to the public and presenting attractive new and artistic works with appropriate designs in accordance with the spiritual atmosphere of the Holy month of Ramadan will grow the popularity of this exhibition among people.”
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