IBNA- Secretariat of the 1st National Congress of Book and Publication, which is scheduled to be held concurrent with Iran's Book Week began to work.
Secretariat of 1st National Congress of Book-Publication opened
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the secretariat of the National Congress of Book and Publication, the first edition of this event has been centered on the issue of “Cultural Policymaking in Book Print Industry” with two axes, “The Economy of Publication” and “The Domestic Model of Progress in the Field of Book and Reading.”
The Congress will be held by Hekmat Cultural Jihad Institute in November concurrent with Iran's Book Week. This event is headed by advisor of Public Libraries Institute Majid Sahhaf, and Dariush Motallebi (PhD) who is the director of Scientific-Functional Art and Culture Study will serve as the secretary of scientific committee.
The National Congress of Book and Publication aims to take domestic scientific consideration of the print industry in Iran by drawing on the potential knowledge of university instructors, experts and activists of publication.
The enthusiasts may present the abstracts of their articles in the first stage in the website www.icbp.ir or sent to the e-mail address icbp.ir@gmail.com. In the next stage they can submit completed articles not after October 7, 2015 to the secretariat of the congress.
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