IBNA- David Damrosch, an outstanding theorist on comparative literature and Harvard University professor is due to arrive in Iran to participate in the Meeting of Comparative Literature at Tehran University.
Harvard’s Director of Comparative Literature Department due in Tehran
In an interview with IBNA, Ali Reza Anushirvani, a faculty member at Shiraz University and the editor of the periodical ‘Comparative Literature’ said that David Damrosch, the writer of the book ‘What is World Literature?’ who is the most outstanding theorist on comparative literature in the world today, is coming to participate and give a lecture in Comparative Literature Meeting in Tehran which is due to be held on February 16 & 17, 2015.
He added: “Comparative Literature Meeting is sponsored by the College of Foreign Languages of Tehran University where Damrosch will deliver a lecture. He is then scheduled to leave for Shiraz to give a speech on comparative literature at Shiraz University. No specific date is yet fixed for his lecture at Shiraz University.”
David Damrosch’s most significant book in which all his theories are discussed, and could in a sense be considered the outcome of his lifelong studies, is titled ‘What is World Literature?’ which has first been published in 1974 in the U.S., soon followed by translations into 12 modern languages of the world.
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