A political and intellectual biography of Ahmed Aqayev by Ali Kalirad has been published in the Iranian book market under the title ‘From the Iranian Society to Turkic Homeland’.
‘From Iranian Society to Turkic Homeland’
IBNA: Aqayev (1869-1939) was a political and media intellectual who had influenced many political trends not only his birthplace the Caucasus but Iran and Turkey as well.

He was one of the forerunners of nationalistic theories about Iran. He was also a prominent leader of Turkish movement. Despite his influence, his works and life have not been considered properly so far and there was a need for such a book in the market.

Arranged in five chapters, the book begins with the birth of Aqayev and moves on with his political thinking and campaigns.

The 304-page book is published in Iran by Shirazaeh Ketab.
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