With 'Once Again the City I Loved'

Nader Ebrahimi Travels to Europe

Nader Ebrahimi's 'Once Again the City I Loved' is translated into Danish and will be released in Denmark.
Nader Ebrahimi Travels to Europe
IBNA: The rights of a book by late Iranian writer Nader Ebrahimi has been granted to a Danish publisher by Qazal Literary Agency. The book is already translated into Danish and is under publication.

'Once Again the City I Loved' is translated to Danish by Shokufeh Tadayoni and is now in the hands of Danish publisher Korridor Small Press. The rights to the translated book have been granted via Qazal Literary Agency.

Qazal Literary Agency has embarked on introducing best Iranian works of fiction to world publishers and agencies for 15 months. In the meantime it has been present in four distinct world book fairs – Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, London, and Sharjah.

Nader Ebrahimi was born on April 3, 1936 in Tehran and received his literature diploma from Dar-al-Fonun High School and was immediately in Tehran University's Law School. After two years, however, he resigned from law in favor of literature. Ebrahimi graduated in English Language and Literature from the University of Tehran.

He was an Iranian writer, screenwriter, photographer, director and actor but was mostly known as a novelist. 'Three Opinions about the Man Who Came from Nowhere', 'A Quiet Loving' and 'Forty Letters to My Wife', are some of the many books he has written. Ebrahimi's career ended in 2001 when he was afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. He passed away on June 5, 2008.
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