Abdul Majid Arfaei, a professor of Ancient Near Eastern languages and cultures, has translated ‘The Inscriptions of Persepolis’ in four volumes which have been handed over to the Cultural Heritage Organization for publication.
Iranian Researcher Renders Inscriptions of Persepolis
IBNA: Abdul Majid Arfaei said he has finished translating 647 tablets, related to the era of Darius the Great, which were read by Richard Treadwell Hallock. The works are included in the first volume of the series. 

Richard Treadwell Hallock, Elamologist and Assyriologist, was a professor of Chicago University. The late professor, who read the bulk of the Persepolis Elamite tablets, died in 1980. 

The Iranian researcher has also translated 2,586 clay Achaemenid tablets into Persian and English which were rendered by Hallock. 

The work is also handed over to Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) for publication. 

The three other books of the ‘The Inscriptions of Persepolis’ will be published in Iran gradually. 

Arfaei, the renowned expert of Elamite, Avestan and Pahlavi languages, is the founder of the Inscriptions Hall of Iran’s National Museum and has written a number of books on Iranian history. 

He is the only Iranian Elamologist who worked under the supervision of Professor Hallock. 

Arfaei was the first person who translated the inscription of Cyrus Cylinder. 

The Iranian expert has also translated more than 2,500 Persepolis inscriptions, which are housed at Chicago University.
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