The Commonalities and Beliefs in Iranian-Armenian Mythological Resources is the title of a new book authored by Maria Evazian (Terezian) in assessment of the common points in the mythological literature of Iran and Armenia.
Book outlines mythological commonalities of Iran, Armenia
IBNA: The book draws a comparative analysis of the myths in Iranian and Armenian resources and gives readers a view of the joint points in the two country’s mythical beliefs.

Co-authored by Anoushik Maleki Bakhshmandi, the book examines the historical backgrounds of the two countries and their cultural commonalities.

The geography of Armenia, history of Armenia, totemism, animism, mythology, carnivals and Armenian monarchies are some of the topics included in the book, which is arranged in 282 pages.

According to the book’s author, the evolution in Iran and Armenia is the same is many ways, especially when it comes to myths and mythological stories.

The Research Center of Humanities and Cultural Studies has published 500 copies of the book in the Iranian book market.
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