IBNA- Niknam Hosseinipour, CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute (IBHI) described his ‎plans and achievements during his one year tenure saying that he preferred not to be ‎under the spotlight.‎
Niknam Hosseinipour‎
Niknam Hosseinipour‎
In an interview with IBNA, Hosseinipour said that he prefers rather to work backstage rather than on stage, but the nature of his current position demands he be more on stage.

Founded in 1993, Iran's Book House Institute (IBHI) was primarily launched to provide a data bank of the Iranian publishing industry. Collecting the relevant information extended the range of activities carried out by the institute such as: holding two significant events: Iran’s Book of the Year Award and Iran’s Book of the Year World Award.

From his early days at IBHI, Hosseinipour faced different challenges from the managerial problems to a very limited budget of the institute. He has been active in the field of books and publication since university days and worked with many experts and publishers.
In the course of time, he began to cooperate with Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) in holding different editions of Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) which made him more connected and acquainted with Iranian publishers, their activities and concerns.
“Beginning my work at book House Institute, I decided to rely on the capabilities of the existing crew rather than replacing them with new ones to form a team of my own. However I realized they lack enough solidarity and coordination among themselves, so, I decided to improve the morale of the personnel and I feel I have achieved some success in this regard within a year.” he said.

“On the other hand, I tried to improve the welfare condition of the IBHI editorial and other personnel. I believe there are professionals working in the institute which should have more motivation to get the best result,” Hosseinipour stated.

Taking office in Book House Institute, he followed some earlier plans but modified them for good: “The Age of Book” plan which aimed to honor the eminent literati has been followed. The other plans such as “Written Culture” and “Oral History” were particularly taken into consideration. The institute also began to strengthen ties with different literati associations in the country.
“One of our new plans is writing and compiling the experiences of noted Iranian literati such as Ahmad Sami’ei Gilani, Kamran Faani, Baha al-Din Khoramshahi and even the experiences of successful Iranian book distributors,” he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of the Book House Institute pointed out: “Although Iran’s Book of the Year Award and the Book of the Year World Award are organized is and held by our institute, I believe in self-criticism and I think it will be helpful in improving these events."

“Unfortunately, Iranian scholars do not hold high esteem for the Book of the Year Award and we should take measures to attract their attention more to this annual event and make it into a brand for them,” Hosseinipour said.
Other tasks accomplished by IBHI include: holding Iran's Book of the Season Award ceremony, the Week of the Book of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Founding Iran’s Book News Agency (IBNA), publishing the ‘Book of the Week’ journal as well as "The Book  Review Quarterly", holding special meetings at the House of Literati, and paying tribute to the Persian language literati are among the other measures taken by IBHI.
Earlier, Hosseinipour said the Book House has rendered reconciliation between Iranian cultural elites and the government; “The efforts made by IBHI should be taken as a role model for the new generation of our country. Nowadays perhaps Iran is known throughout the world for its huge deposits of oil and gas, but we always say that all the land is the land of [the legendary literati] such as Hafez and Sa’di.”
“Regarding the fact that our young generation is more focused on smart phones, the cultural officials and activists should also focus on producing software containing the information provided by our Institute and other data about the Iranian publishing industry,” he stated.
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