Manager of Sahab Cartographical and Geographical Institute:

"We suffer from lack of Iranian studies books"

Publish Date : Sunday 20 February 2011 - 13:01
Manager of Sahab Cartographical and Geographical Institute Dr. Mohammad reza Sahab said:" On of the main issues of Iran's Book of the Year Award is considering the issues and problems of Iranian studies, since we are very weak in the filed and its published books are very less.
Dr. Mohammad reza Sahab
Dr. Mohammad reza Sahab
IBNA: Manager of Sahab Cartographical and Geographical Institute Dr. Mohammad reza Sahab who attended the banquet of the 28th Book of Year Award, held last night with the attendance of the award's laureates and judges, said:" Iran's World Book of the Year Award is held in two sections; Iranian Studies and Islamic Studies. We are very poor in the filed of Iranian Studies and the category suffers from lack of books."

He added:" Totally Oriental studies holds fields as Iranian studies, Turkology as well as Arabic studies. The filed of Turkology and Arabic studies have been developed as they release many books annually, but the filed of Iranian studies is very weak as only one Iranian studies room exists in cultural councils which are poor in books as well."

Sahab said:" We should send Iranian studies books and sources to foreign countries' Iranian Studies Institutes. The works should be supported so the students and researchers could research the filed more."

He pointed out to the Iran's 14th World Book of the Year Award and said:" Hungarian researcher and Iranologist Eva M. Jeremias was chosen as the top researcher of the Islamic Studies section. After two years he wrote a precious book about Iran which holds many details. The works is among the precious books. His studies and researchers are mostly on Persian descriptive and historical linguistics which are based on the history of modern Persian classic linguistics, the history of grammar and the theories of linguistics as well as the history of poetry and literature in Iran."

The Hungarian researcher has so far published many works and articles on Iran's culture, literature and language. Moreover he has many academic activities on Iranian studies including attending scientific conferences, holding membership in different Iranian studies institutes and centers as well as cooperating in international assemblies.

He added:" Furthermore in the 16th round Dr. István Nyitral, Hungarian cultural attaché to Iran, was selected for his Iráni Föld-Perzsa Kultúra. The work is a precious and rich book which deals with the past 400 years which was released in German.

The book is not only a historical work but it also holds Iran's art's history, geology as well as archeology. The book holds the history of arts since ancient times so far alongside beautiful pictures.

This year the award was presented to Sergei Dashkov for Kings of Kings – the Sassanids: Iran of the III – VII centuries in legends, chronicles and contemporary research" .

He finally hoped that Iranian and foreign researchers would be commemorated during their lifetime. This year the award was given to late researcher, Oleg Fedorovich Akimushkin

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