"Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture" in Iran

Publish Date : Monday 29 November 2010 - 14:19
"Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture" a book by Patrice Pavis is to be published with Gholamreza Sarraf's translation. The book's articles were authored between 983-1988.
"Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture" in Iran
IBNA: Sarraf told IBNA that the book's articles were penned between 1983 and 1988; firstly they are centered on a question which semiotics has avoided many years: the connection between theatre and other cultures.

He added that in order to read the book we should know the concept of "Cross-cultural theatre" and said:" "Cross-cultural theatre" isn’t a fixed genre or a determined issue. It is more about the method or style which is open to cultural sources. It is s new process or movement which considers executive actions or performance in the west or any other place. Theatre opposes writing and tracing ethic or cultural effects is much more difficult in it."

He went on to say that the book is authored in 8 chapters including "Toward a theory of culture and mise en scene", "From page to stage: a difficult birth", "The classic heritage of modern drama: The case of postmodern theatre", "On theory as one of the fine arts and its limited influence on contemporary drama whether majority or minority", " Theatre and the media: specificity and interference", "Towards specifying theatre translation", " Dancing with Faust: Reflections on an intercultural mise en scene by Eugenio Barba", "Interculturalism in contemporary mise en scene: The image of India in the Mahabharata, the Indiade, Twelfth night and Faust"

He added that mise en scene is the latest laboratory; it evaluates any cultural representation and presents it to the ears and eyes.

Translating the book he encountered expressions which didn’t have any equivalents so far thus the Persian translation enjoys new and various combinations. (The book was originally authored in French but Sarraf translated it from English to Persian.)

According to Sarraf "Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture" is written by Patrice Pavis and it is to be published by Lahita. A great part has been translated so far.

Patrice Pavis is a Professor of Theatre Studies at Paris 8 University specialized in Marivaux. He has written extensively about performance, focusing his study and research mainly in semiology and interculturalism in theatre. He was awarded the Georges Jamati Prize in 1986.

Moreover Sarraf has translated scripts by Ingmar Bergman, Roman Polanski and Federico Fellini as well as "Recognizing Bergman" and a book holding 35 dialogs with Roman Polanski which are ready for publication. Furthermore he has translated Crimes of heart by Beth Henley.

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